Gift Ideas for the Collector in Your Life

Buying gifts for the collectors in your life can be a difficult thing. Along with all the usual gift selection issues, it’s hard to know what they already have and/or if an item’s conditions will meet the collector’s standards. What can you do?

Here are gift ideas for collectors of all types of things — at all price levels.

  1. Collecting Books & Guides: The wide array of titles one finds on Amazon means that there is likely a book that your collector doesn’t have already. Look for recently published latest editions as your collector may not already have this edition.
  2. Cleaning Tools & Storage Supplies: Each type of collection requires special care and that means special tools. Sure, you know all about storage supplies such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene sleeves and archival storage supplies for comic books, magazines, trading cards, postcards, other ephemera, and coins, but there’s so much more. There are specialized repair tools and supplies for book lovers
    record lovers
    textile lovers   and many more. Just do an online search for the type of collection plus the words “archival” and “storage supplies” or “cleaning supplies”.  Virtually any collection can use items for proper display. Maybe your collector just needs more shelving. Whatever it is, large or small, collectors appreciate these gifts. They may not seem exciting to you, but they are. Where you see plastic bags and boxes or ‘just cleaning supplies’, a collector sees a safer, more cared for collection — and the extra money in her pocket means she can bid a little higher on something at auction.
  3. Treasure Hunting Supplies: If your favorite collector goes out hunting at flea markets, tag sales, auctions or thrift stores, there are tools that he/she finds helpful to carry along. Pocket tape measures are practical for measuring furniture, hardware, and even the size of your car doors. Black Light Keychains make it easier for your collector to make the right decision. Magnifying Glass or Jeweler’s Loupe allows for collectors to better inspect items for everything from maker marks and signatures to flaws and repairs. A collector can never have too many jeweler’s loupes.  Folding Shopping Carts are great for collectors who haunt block rummage sales, auctions, and flea markets.Eliminates whining about carrying goodies in your arms and allows the collector to keep on shopping.
  4.  Calendars: Each month brings a new item to covet with collectible themed Digital Cameras: It’s not just that collectors want to show their junk off, or maybe sell it online, but they do need to record their collection for insurance purposes too.
  5. Smart Phone: Collectors can access the internet as they shop to check the value of the item they are looking at, or can snap a photo to send to their friends immediately.
  6. Modern Reproductions: Take the theme of the collection and find those images reproduced in modern prints, and on modern household items like tablecloths,
    barbie dolls
    . (Don’t forget Cafe Press for nearly any theme, anything, on a mug.)
  7. Gift Certificates: Your collector likely bids on items on eBay and  eBay has gift certificates.  You can also get your collector gift certificates from their local antique mall or thrift shop. They will be happily received and greedily used!
  8. Collection Software: You need a gift idea; they need something to do during the long winter (non-buying) months. There are many sorts of Visual PackRat and Primasoft for some ideas or do an online search.
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