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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Ann says:

    I found one of these West Bend Serving Ovens @ a Church sale for $4.00 in “mint” condition. Mine had a nicely detailed Recipe / owners manual booklet. I have sense bought one of these off of E-bay and am trying to find her a same kind of recipe /instruction booklet you wouldn’t by any chance have an extra one that your could with in reason sell me? The book I have Says West Bend Serving Oven with all
    Aluminum Basket. I have a friend who loves everything “vintage” is still living in the 1950’s era. Loves all the old stuff so I am trying to find her a booklet like mine for her
    serving oven. I plan to give it to her for Christmas. So anything you can do is helpful

  2. admin says:

    I don’t have an instruction booklet available. You may have to copy your instruction booklet to give to your friend. I googled the product name + instructions and didn’t come up with a manufacturers site with the pamphlet to download. But I didn’t review the entire search results, so you might want to try this to see if there is a pdf for download. Otherwise try inputting the title of the pamphlet in the book search apps (like ABE and Amazon) to see if a copy might be listed somewhere. I wish you every success in your search.

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