Myrtlewood Jewelry

B01HIYIJ7GI recently found a myrtlewood tie tack at my favorite thrift store and wondered how many jewelry items are made with myrtlewood.  So on to google and searching for myrtlewood jewelry.   I found relatively few references to myrtlewood jewelry, mostly from shops along the Southern Oregon coast.  Of those I found only one offering tie tacks.

However, I found a good bit of information about the myrtlewood tree, which grows only in Southern Oregon and Northern California.  This slow-growing, broadleaf evergreen produces a dense, richly grained wood with sculpted patterns akin to lace, flames and tiger stripes. Its colors, influenced by minerals in the soil, are unmatched in elegance, yielding hues of blond, honey, soft gray, and every shade of brown. One website has a page of photos of the various colors found in myrtlewood.

Most of the shops I found on google are described in an article by Laurel Gerkman in Oregon Coast Magazine (2007). This cottage industry dates back to the late 1800s.


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Who is Lucy Rigg?

lucyriggLucy Rigg is a Seattle area artist who began her art career by creating dough people which she sold  at the University Street Fair in 1970. According to a 1992 Seattle Times article, the “figures, called Rigglets, along with Rigg, herself, became fixtures at both indoor and outdoor fairs throughout the area.” In 1979, Enesco picked up the line and began producing bisque porcelain bear figures first with the name “Rigglets” and then “Lucy & Me”. These have become highly collectible since Enesco ceased production in 1994. Enesco produced over 1000 figurines,mugs,musical figurines,bells,jack in boxes, banks, cookie jars and plush bears.

Lucy Riggs has her own company “Lucy & Co” which is based in Edmonds, WA and sells her designs in paper goods like stationery, wrapping paper, etc. This company is still in business. Lucy has also designed scrapbook and baby items for CR Gibson, Frances Meyer and It Takes Two. Riggs has presence on Facebook and Linked In

Here is a list of the Lucy Rigg lines produced by Enesco:

Product Line Years
Porcelain People Marked “Lucy Rigg” 1979
Lucy & Me Bears 1979-1994
Rosie & Me Flop Eared Rabbits 1984
Christian (little boy) 1986
Faith,Hope & Charity 1986
Chapeau Noelle 1994
Beary Best 1994
I’m in the Garden never produced

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2 Collector’s Guides and a Book by Lucy Rigg

lucypagesUpdate Pages Available Here

A Gallery of Lucy Rigg items from my Amazon store (buy from gmastree!)

Seattle Times






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オタギリ (Otagiri)

Otagiri is a name many collectors recognize.  The company name is Otagiri Mercantile Company, Inc. or OMC.  The company was a wholesaler from Japan and  an importer and a distributor of porcelain, stoneware, and giftware in the San Francisco area from 1958 to 1994.  The products were made in Japan and were sold to high end department stores and gift shops. Otagiri products were handcrafted and handpainted. The polynesian themed ceramics they made for bars and restaurants like the Kon-Tiki and the Kahiki in the 1960’s are popular among collectors.

Most Otagiri products are marked with a yellow and gold sticker printed with the initials ‘OMC’ and ‘Japan’.

The company hired talented artisans to design its products. Among the artists  are a few you may recognize: Kurt R. Kress, Bob Harrison, Angela Ackerman, Wendy Morgan, Curtis-Swan, Tracy Flickinger, Tom Taylor, Linda Pickens, Mary Hughes, and Mary Ann Baker.   OMC products were designed for Gibson Greetings and San Francisco Music Box, as well as many others. In September, 1994 Enesco’s Worldwide Giftware Group paid $3.5 millon for the business assets and inventories, as well as its trademarks.


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Wedding Cake Topper Collectibles


Lefton Bride & Groom on Amazon

I recently listed a bride and groom table topper on Amazon and thought a post on collecting wedding cake toppers might be in order.

Cake toppers first appeared during the Victorian era. Both French and American bakers would hand mold little figures for bride’s cakes, or small little dolls would stand atop a tier. Early cake toppers were made of bisque, composition, chalkware or gum paste and were set upon a base made of pierced or molded gum paste. Starting from around the turn of the century in the Edwardian era, all cake topper figure grooms wore or were holding a top hat and were dressed in a black tux with tails. Brides wore fashions of the decade. Bisque toppers were  popular during the 1920s. The bisque medium allowed  features to be realistically molded and great care was given to painting. The finest toppers were made in Germany and the lesser quality ones were made in Japan. Look for markings impressed onto the backs, and sometimes the feet or base.  German bisque is very smooth whereas Japanese bisque has a slightly gritty feel.  Popular themes for bisque toppers included Kewpies and the Campbell Kids.

In the 1930s, Chalkware toppers were extremely popular and were inexpensive in the Depression years. Chalkware was still being used well into the 1940s with all the war time restrictions and halting of importation from Japan & Germany, the two major countries that supplied a good deal of bisque toppers. Chalkware toppers will sometimes have a date stamped into the base or on the back.  The 1930s also saw toppers on molded plaster of Paris on net lace bases, imitating the earlier look of gum paste. This medium was still being used well into the 1960s .

During the Second World War, some cake toppers featured grooms wearing military uniforms. There are collectors who specialize in collecting only these types and sometimes prices for military toppers are premium. The late 1940s and the early 1950s saw the arrival of hard plastic toppers. Wilton led the way for these and became the world’s largest company specializing in cake decorations.  This is one of the most common names you will come across in you search for cake toppers. Hard plastic ones typically have the company name and sometimes a date on the base. Many hard plastic toppers will have satin or lace attached to the skirt of the bride or frilly lace or tulle bows or arches. Hard plastic cake toppers were made well into the 1960s, 1970s and into the 1980s. The 1980s saw the arrival of the resin cake toppers. Porcelain & bisque toppers made by Norcrest and Napco can be found from the 1940s-1960s. Some post war bisque toppers may be marked Occupied Japan. Toppers by Lefton date from the 1940s onward. Blanc de Chine cake toppers were also being produced from the 1940s onward.


eBay Guide by cleopatra’s_boudoir

Vintage Wedding Toppers by Penny Henderson

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I remB01CV20B3Aember one of the family decorations that I grew up with was a pair of clear glass star shaped taper candleholders.  So when I saw this set of star shaped candleholders, I had to have them.  But these are different.  They’re SILVER colored glass.  They almost look like mercury glass, but aren’t.  That’s why I was happy to find them in the original box that gave me the name of the manufacturer: Silvalyte.

The pamphlet that came inside the box reads ” The amazing finish which is the distinguishing feature of Silvalyte is the result of over 10 years of intensive laboratory research. The perfection of this long sought for finish represents a major advancement in the glass silvalyteindustry. The Silvalyte process is made to withstand every normal household use and Silvalyte 5901 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 4, NY.”

Produced from 1955-1965, Silvalyte is silver nitrate over glass. It was made in some classic mid-century designs such as shown in this gallery.



No Pattern Required

Glass Etch and Pattern Gallery


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New Listing on 2/11/16

hunterrun12a hunterrun12I listed this size 12 Berkie knock off sandal on eBay last night to see how it does and if it will sell. I have 4 more to list in size 9, colors black and navy blue. Let me know if you think I should list them.

Ladies Brown Suede Sandal NOS

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Listings 3.20.14

Vintage Ties,Scarf and Ziggy LotToday!

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Listings 12.29.13

Vintage Scarves Today!

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Spammers Strike Again!

I’m sorry to have to do this but I’m closing comments on my posts. Too many spam comments lately. Once you get on their lists, it seems like they just spread into some unsavory areas. You don’t want to see these here and neither do I.

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Listings 11.24.13

Vintage Sheets and Tablecloth Today!

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