Yellowstone National Parks’ Photographer

vintage postcard,national park,Yellowstone,old faithful geyser

Yellowstone,Old Faithful Geyser

I’ve been listing some postcards of Yellowstone National Park over the past couple of days and began to wonder who Frank Haynes, the photographer and/or distributor of many of the earlier postcards was. According to Front Range Living, photographer Frank Jay Haynes set out to photograph the West in 1898 and took many photographs in America’s first national park. His family owned the concession at Yellowstone until 1963, when his son died. For the better part of a century, Haynes and his family photographed and sold postcards that chronicled Yellowstone. Most of the postcards that I’ve seen focus on the national wonders of the park. However, early postcards also captured the people who journeyed to see Old Faithful, who danced and dined in one of the lodges, where conveyed by horse and buggy to see the sights, set off in Model T cars on dusty roads and fed bears by hand.

vintage postcard,national park,Yellowstone,terraces,mammoth hot spring,linen

Yellowstone,Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces

Over time, the pastimes of the visitors changed from singing campsongs around a campfire to today’s self guided walks and hikes. The formations themselves have changed over time as well. Even Old Faithful is on a slightly longer schedule than in previous years. In recent years, a massive forest fire changed the look of the park. Although, in time this devastation will grow back, the park is ever evolving, and it is fascinating to peek back in time to see what the park looked like in the past.

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