Vinyl 45 Records-How Collectible?

I’ve recently photographed some more vinyl 45s to list on eBay and wondered just how collectible these old 45s really are.

The Beatles  Love Me Do Rerelease

The Beatles " Love Me Do" Rerelease

John Denver Take Me Home,Country Roads

John Denver "Take Me Home,Country Roads"

45s were first produced in 1949/50 and were ideal for the budding radio market to use in promoting songs.  Record companies sent out promotional 45s to radio stations to get “play time” and move their products up the charts.  Often 45s are singles from larger albums, but not always.  45s were cheaper to produce and local bands often released songs on 45s rather than invest in a longer album.  These “small pressings” are sometimes more valuable as a result.

Collectors tend to collect from a sense of nostalgia, and tend to collect a genre (classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, doo wop, garage rock, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock). Other rare and highly valued items include pieces from highly collectible artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, U2, Madonna, The Cure, The Rolling Stones, or James Brown

And how collectible are they? 

 Just keep this in mind…they’re only worth what a collector wants to pay to get them.   Collectors buy the music that they love and remember. 

 Hint: Click on the links for books from Amazon, and the photos for links to my listings.

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