What is it about Vintage Sheets?

Why are they so popular? Who buys them anyway?

They’re popular bacause of the memories that are evoked when we stroke the smooth surface and admire the print. Think about it. My generation, the 60 somethings were the first generation to grow up with sheets that had pattern and color. Before us, sheets were white, period. (That’s why sales on bedding are called “white” sales.) Sheet makers went crazy with color in the 50s with the watercolor florals that were so popular then. And the 60s brought mod colors and wild patterns. The 70s really got into theme sheets and “back to nature” prints. The 80s turned to classic lines and patterns. Need I go on?

What do people do with them?

Some of us use them on our beds to recreate that authentic period look, whether it be mod or midCentury. And a goodly number are cut up for decorating projects and accessories– Totes, quilts, throws, you name it.

Of special note should be the children’s sheets with themes from movies or popular toys or games. Recent sheets in this genre that I’ve sold include Disney Bambi, Care Bears, Holly Hobbie and Railroad Logos. A Care Bears Sheet goes a long way toward creating a special item for a Care Bears collector or fan.

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