Vintage Photographs

vintage photograph,black & white,sand dunes,Oregon,Washington,coast

Black & White Photograph, Sand Dunes, Northwest USA Coast

vintage photo,photograph,black & white,print,Crater Lake,Phantom Ship

B&W Photo,Crater Lake, Phantom Ship

I’ve listed some vintage photographs recently. There is nothing like a good clear black and white photo to give a clear picture of what a scene looked like in years past. So I wondered what types of photos were more collectible than others.

So, I thought I’d do a terapeak search to see what categories of vintage photographs sold the best over the last 3 months on eBay. I’ve reproduced the results below.

Categories Total Listings Average End Price Sell-Through
Photographic Images 5,666 $17.23 28.22%
Transportation 286 $11.10 38.46%
Historical Memoribilia 261 $18.68 17.62%
Militaria 236 $16.91 30.08%
Postcards 189 $8.69 27.51%
Autographs 97 $55.58 14.43%
Paper 62 $12.04 53.23%
Souvenirs & Travel 59 $6.98 5.08%
Cultures & Ethnicities 35 $16.57 34.29%
Advertising 26 $8.99 23.08%

So if I’m reading these results right, photos that have transportation (trains,boats,planes,cars) as subjects are most sought after, followed by historic photos, and then military photos. Real photo postcards, autographed by the photographer photos and ephemera are collectible in their own right. As are souvenir photos,photos of ethnic groups and advertising photos.

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