Vintage Crochet Tablecloths

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

I’ll be listing a lovely hand crocheted tablecloth soon. Here are some interesting things I learned when researching vintage crochet tablecloths.

  • Crochet tablecloths are made in two ways. The most common is utilizing a motif which is connected one by one and then surrounded by a crocheted border. The other is strip crocheted, end to end with the same design worked over and over.
  • Motif Crochet Tablecloth

    Motif Crochet Tablecloth

    Vintage Crochet Tablecloth

    Strip Crochet Tablecloth

  • The best way to clean a crocheted tablecloth is by soaking in a large container like a bathtub. These beauties are too heavy when wet to lift safely. They’ll tear and be damaged. The recommended method is to line the container with a white bedsheet, then place the tablecloth on top. Add cool water and detergent. Soak and then agitate carefully by hand. Drain the water, then refill with cool water to rinse. Repeat this process until the water runs clear. Blot the wet tablecloth with white towels to remove excess water. Do NOT wring. Repeat until excess water is removed. Then lift the tablecolth out of the container by lifting the bedsheet. Carefully transfer the wet tablecloth to a dry sheet outdoors and lay flat to dry in the sun.
  • Store vintage tablecloths by either rolling them or by carefully folding and laying flat in a drawer. Periodically (at least twice a year) refold and roll in the opposite direction to prevent the formation of creases. Do not store in plastic or in contact with wood. Wood drawers should be lined with acid free paper to prevent contact with the wood. Acid free tissue paper can also be used to line the inside of each fold to pad and support that area.

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