What are View Cards?

With this article, I’m beginning a new series of articles on the types of postcards that are collected.

View cards (or topographical postcards) that depict geographical locations like towns, cities, villages.are the most popular form of card that is collected. People collect and trade cards of their home towns and places they have visited. Many view card collecting websites are organized by state or country.

Linen View Card, Long Beach, California

Linen View Card, Long Beach, California

View cards give a  historic reference to buildings, streets, and even towns which may no longer exist or that have changed significantly over time. Even views produced in the chrome era may no longer look the same. The earliest cards offer the social history of the times as early forms of travel and the beginnings of telegraph, telephone and power lines are shown. The messages written on the cards often give an insight to the picture shown or the sentiments of the day.

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