Trends for Halloween 2013

halloweenThe boom in Halloween business continues to grow each year, and is the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year – behind Christmas. The NRF’s 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey reported a record 170 million people planned to celebrate Halloween and were expected to spend $79.82 on decorations, costumes, candy and parties, with total Halloween spending estimated to reach $8 billion. Ity is always fun to see what the trends are each year. So here’s some insights:


    1. Movie releases are a big influencer of costume trends this year. Expect to see characters from Oz the Great and Powerful,The Lone Ranger,Iron Man 3,The Great Gatsby,Star Trek into the Darkness, Superman: Man of Steel, Monsters University, The Smurfs 2, The Wolverine,The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Thor: The Dark World
    2. TV Shows are another big influence. “Duck Dynasty” is costume royalty this Halloween as nearly one in two costume wearers plan to deck themselves out in camo and big beards as a group look. That’s more than those who would select the Royal family or the newest Kardashian brood: Kim, Kanye and North West.
    3. Social Networking is a growing force in influencing decisions on Halloween costumes. Nearly 70 percent of typical costume wearers admit social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest influence their costume choices, while nearly half of them say they get inspiration from looking at photos of what others wore in their social media newsfeeds. People dressing up will on average post 10 pictures of themselves in their ensemble to a social media channel!


  • Buying costumes at the Thrift Store: After topping nearly every music chart around the world, hip-hop artist Macklemore has been an inspiration to many, including those seeking Halloween costume ideas. Almost one in two people who plan to dress up this year and have heard the artist’s “Thrift Shop” anthem say they would consider finding a costume in a thrift store because of the song. Close to fifty percent of respondents admit the song has made shopping at secondhand stores cool.
  • Creativity Wins: Careful costume consideration is key as nearly a quarter of survey respondents think you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based on the type of costume they wear. To stand out from the crowd, 41 percent of people planning to wear a costume will get creative and create their own instead of buying a pre-packaged look, and only 4 percent will wear the same costume every year.
  • Popular Themes include Vampire,Zombie,Skeleton,Grim Reaper,Fairy,Princess,Superheroes, Individuality(create your own idea), Humorous costumes are trending up, Sexy, with the option of showing less or more(Less lingerie style, more wearable), Rave and Gothic Costumes. Four in ten of those who typically dress up for Halloween opt for a funny costume with the rest of the costume-wearing nation split between scary and sexy costumes. More men than women (43 percent versus 18 percent) go for scary costumes while 42 percent of women choose costumes that make them look attractive.
  • Fun for the Whole Family – And Fido Too: Ninety-two percent of parents typically dress up their children and 78 percent join in the fun and also wear a costume. More than one in two respondents will decorate their homes with Halloween decor this year, and pets will get in the spirit of Halloween this year too, as four in ten say they’ll dress up their pet. Top pet costumes in 2012 were Pumpkin,Devil,Hot Dog,Cat,Bee,Dog or Ghost (tie).Superhero,Witch,Bowties and Superman


Sources: Herald On Line

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