The Story Behind All the Illustrations

that I’ve been listing lately.

These are from the art editions of a romance series on history of the Americas from the times of Columbus to the date of publishing 1909. The books are in terrible shape and not in the condition that I like to see for a listing. But there are these intriguing full page black and white illustrations that caught my eye. The paper is high quality for the era (of course, not acid free, but nothing was in that time period) and the prints are detailed and quite striking. So I decided to try removing them from the book, adding a mat and backing and selling these by themselves.

The Convent of Saint Mary of the Sea, Coast of Southern Italy

Christopher Columbus Portrait

The Lighthouse at Genoa

For people looking for a particular cityscape, reproduction of an etching or drawing or historical images these are worth taking a look at. I’ve just about finished with the Columbus era, with more images to come.

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