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Kenner Plush Star Wars Buddies C-3PO

This week I listed a Kenner Star Wars Buddy plush figurine that I found at a thrift shop. Star Wars was a hugely popular movie series (6 films in all) starting in 1977 and ending in 2005. It has been followed by a popular series of novels,comic books,animated TV series,video games,trading cards,board games and Disneyland attractions. And there is an active collectibles market centering around the films.

Currently the search term “Star Wars” is number six on the list of most used search terms on eBay. I wondered what kinds of Star Wars items are being listed and what they’re selling for. So I did a search on Terapeak to get a general idea of what kinds and how many listings have been made for the last 3 months.

Listing Category Number of Listings Average sell price Percent of Listings Sold
Science Fiction 55,290 $42.95 31.50%
Trading Cards 26,697 $25.90 46.87%
Comics 23,230 $13.81 31.41%
Disneyana 9,982 $25.48 59.20%
Decorative Collectibles 5,998 $17.08 26.26%
Pez, Keychains,… 3,198 $7.39 29.46%
Pinbacks, Bobbles,… 2,002 $14.69 34.02%
Advertising 1,692 $12.96 27.25%
Historical… 1,428 $5.58 13.38%
Animation Art &… 1,233 $20.85 41.77%
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