Souvenir Postcard Folders

Well, here I thought I had a perfect topic for a post. I could research it on the web and post a few relevant facts, some photos and links and I’d be done.

How wrong can a person be?

I’ve spent hours trying to find more information about souvenir postcard folders and other than a description of the term from, I got nothing but a bunch of questions. 

So here’s the definition:

Folder. Reproductions of postcard views (about 12 to 18) printed on both sides of a long strip of paper that folds up into an attached wrapper.

Now here are my questions:

  • Where did the idea come from?
  • Were these popular sellers?
  • What did they cost?
  • Who decided what images and topics were produced?
  • What companies were the biggest producers?
  • Does anybody collect these?
  • Were they only sold as souvenirs?
  • I’ve seen them in white border,linen, litho and chrome.  Are there other formats?
  • Is their history the same as postcard history?
  • It seems like the images used were also sold as individual postcards on many of the folders.  Is that true of all of them?  Or did some images appear in these that appeared nowhere else?
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