I remB01CV20B3Aember one of the family decorations that I grew up with was a pair of clear glass star shaped taper candleholders.  So when I saw this set of star shaped candleholders, I had to have them.  But these are different.  They’re SILVER colored glass.  They almost look like mercury glass, but aren’t.  That’s why I was happy to find them in the original box that gave me the name of the manufacturer: Silvalyte.

The pamphlet that came inside the box reads ” The amazing finish which is the distinguishing feature of Silvalyte is the result of over 10 years of intensive laboratory research. The perfection of this long sought for finish represents a major advancement in the glass silvalyteindustry. The Silvalyte process is made to withstand every normal household use and Silvalyte 5901 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 4, NY.”

Produced from 1955-1965, Silvalyte is silver nitrate over glass. It was made in some classic mid-century designs such as shown in this gallery.



No Pattern Required

Glass Etch and Pattern Gallery


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