Sarah Coventry Costume Jewelry Company History

Sarah Coventry Contessa Earrings

Sarah Coventry Contessa Earrings

Sarah Coventry Jewelry was founded in 1950, a part of the post WWII boom and the popularity of home parties was at it’s peak. It’s home company, Emmons Jewelry, Inc. was founded in 1949. Similar to other home party companies (Tupperware,Amway,Avon,etc.), house parties were hosted by a hostess who received a jewelry gift for inviting her friends to come and purchase pieces shown by a Fashion Director saleswoman.

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry became quite popular in its time because of the quality of the jewelry as well as the jewelry’s designs. Sarah Coventry jewelry was not designed or manufactured in-house. All Sarah Coventry costume jewelry was made by other companies in Rhode Island.
As the popularity of Sarah Coventry increased, so did the visibility of its jewelry. For example, pieces of Sarah Coventry jewelry were awarded on the popular television show, “Queen for a Day.” “Queen for a Day” ran between 1956-1964 and again from 1969-1970. The popularity of costume jewelry started to decline during the 1970s, as did the sales of Sarah Coventry jewelry. The company was sold in 1984 and the jewelry parties stopped.

Jewelry was often sold in matching sets, such as a coordinating necklace, bracelet and earrings. It is more difficult to find complete sets today, but collectors watch for pieces to complete their collections when they scour flea markets and antique shops. In the last few years, new Sarah Coventry jewelry has been sold on the Home Shopping Network and, again, through home parties. Collectors look for the older pieces.


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