Repurposing Vintage Planters

Vintage Dashund Planter

Vintage Dashund Planter

They’re too cute to throw away, but too small to use for plants or they don’t have a drainage hole. So what can you do with a collection of┬ávintage planters?

Here are some ideas from Martha Stewart and ebay user bloomingale54:

  • business card holder
  • pen and pencil holder
  • paint brush holder
  • fill with candy or small gifts and wrap with clear wrap for a lovely and quick gift
  • use in the bathroom to hold hair clips, guest soaps,seashells or marbles
  • use in the bedroom as a tray to hold change, keys or other contents of your pockets
  • use to hold jewelry
  • on your tea tray to hold sugar lumps, napkins,tea bags or cups
  • at the kitchen sink to hold scrubbers, dish and hand soap, or bottle and vegetable brushes
  • at your desk to hold paper and binder clips, pens and pencils, notepaper, and even the stapler and hole punch

To clean these beauties, always hand wash using a gentle scrubber and a product like Bon Ami to remove mineral deposits and water stains. Use a steel scrubber very gently to remove the most stubborn stains.

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