Postcard Terms

I’ve used quite a few of these terms in describing my offerings over the past couple of weeks and thought it might be helpful to publish a refresher on their meanings.

Advertising Postcard

A postcard that advertises a product, service, or event.

Advertising Postcard-Restaurant Chain


A printed glossy-surface postcard that was based on a color photo. The chrome era was from the early 1950s to present day.

vintage postcard,chrome,california,palos verdes,marineland of the pacific,porpoise,pool

California,Palos Verdes, Marineland of the Pacific

Golden Age

Period during early 1900s before World War I when postcard collecting was very popular.

vintage postcard,undivided back,foil,Christ,golden age

Undivided Back Postcard, Christ-Religious


Postcards printed on paper with a linen-textured surface. The Linen era was from the early 1930s to early 1950s.

vintage postcard,linen,curteich,Oregon,Crescent Lake

Southern Pacific Railway Crescent Lake,Oregon

Undivided back

Postcard published before 1907 when only the address was allowed on the back of the card.

vintage postcard,undivided back,foil,Christ,golden age

Undivided Back Postcard, Christ-Religious Back

White border

White border postcards were produced mainly from about 1914 to 1932. View cards usually have white borders and paler colors than earlier postcards. The printing is usually not as good as that on earlier cards. Paper stock is usually coated and has a flat non-glossy surface. Most of the cards from this era are views. Greeting postcards were less common and usually were not embossed.

vintage postcard,white border,Oregon,Seaside,Broadway Street

Oregon,Seaside, Broadway Street White Border

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