Netsuke Tourist Trade and Resin Figurines

Faux Boxwood Man Netsuke

Faux Boxwood Man Netsuke

I recently posted some tourist trade and/or resin netsuke figurines and thought it would be helpful to let you know how I know that they are not the genuine article.

  1. I looked for a signature. According to the INS website, almost ALL fakes are signed. Yep, each has a signature.
  2. I looked for evidence of painted on features and rings around the holes. Check!
  3. I looked for gouged or rough carving, lack of incised lines. Yes, compared to photos of quality netsuke, these are less detailed.
  4. I looked at the base and laid it on a flat surface. The bottom was flat and it stood perfectly. This is a typical characteristic of a copy or fake.
  5. I rubbed it against my hand until the material was warmed slightly and smelled it. It smelled like plastic. Aha! a resin copy!

Do I feel bad about posting these on eBay? No. I truthfully stated in my description that these were likely tourist trade and faux boxwood items. And my asking price is suitably low.

Source: International Netsuke Society


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