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How does one determine the collectibility of a particular calendar?

4 Important Factors:

  • How old is it?  Age is only one factor in estimating collectibility. You can still pick up some good quality calendars from the 19th century for reasonable prices.
  • Does it related to a highly collectible area?  Those relating to highly sought after collectible products such as Coca-Cola, are commanding very high prices.
  • Is it by a well known artist?  The calendar art by noted artists, is escalating in value.
  • Does it advertise something?  Calendars with local advertising, naturally, bring the most money in that particular local area.

Condition  “Complete” calendars, meaning those which have their entire Jan-Dec pads attached (if a pad-type calendar) bring a premium over the same calendar that has the pad missing. Those that have some of the months remaining are valued somewhere inbetween. Like any other paper collectible, calendars which are stained or soiled, torn, faded or damaged in any way should be reduced proportionately in value, however even calendars “with problems” seem to be bringing escalated prices compared to their auction prices only couple of years ago.

information from The Calendar Collectors Society

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