Linen Kitchen Towels


Suffolk Linen Tea Towel Antique Roses Ulster Weavers Linen Towel

I’ve been finding and listing quite a few linen kitchen towels lately so I thought I’d do a bit of online research about them. Here’s some of the interesting things I learned:

  • These towels are also known as “tea towels”. They were originally made to set under the tea pot and tea cups to beautify the arrangement and also catch any runaway drops of tea.
  • Irish printed Tea towels came in to use in the early 50’s when the Irish began to replace plain linen tea towels with printed towels producing conversational interest. These early towels ranged from maps of Ireland to pictures of the Beatles. They were always executed with the subtlest expression typical to Irish dry wit. Now some of these towels have become collector items. (Source: Ulster Linen Co.)
  • Tea towels often used as decorations in a kitchen or bar and are sometimes framed for display.
  • Linen tea towels are colour-fast, resistant to stains and abrasion damage, become softer and more absorbent the more times washed, and do not leave any surface lint on your kitchen dishes and glassware. (Source: All Tea Towels)
  • And finally a link to a squidoo lens on collecting tea towels.
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