Kitchen Utensils-Condition is Everything


As is true for many collectibles, condition is most important in determining value.

 What should you look for in determining condition?

  • Is the metal clean and mostly free of rust or corrosion?  Patina is OK, but rust and corrosion reduce value.  Has corrosion or rust been removed?  If so, be aware that damage can occur during the processes used.
  • Is the wood or plastic cracked or scratched? Some normal use is expected, but stained cracks or deep scratches reduce value.
  • Is any paint badly worn or chipped?  Paint wears over time.  Wear to the bare subsurface reduces value.
  • If there are moving parts, does it work?  Obviously an item that works is of more value than one that doesn’t.  But parts can be gleaned from non working items.
  • Does the item has its original packaging?  Nice graphics add value.  And the condition of the packaging adds more value. 
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