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Kathy Van Zeeland Crown Princess Purse at auction

The first time I heard of Kathy Van Zeeland was when I was researching a key fob for a listing on eBay. I discovered that this was an iconic feature of Kathy Van Zeeland handbags and the key fob sold for almost as much as a handbag by itself. Ever since I’ve kept an eye out for Kathy Van Zeeland brand handbags. I currently have one up at auction from the Crown Princess line of handbags.

I hoped to find a brief history of the company but have to settle for the “about” paragraph from the Kathy Van Zeeland website:

Kathy Van Zeeland understands that few things are more important to a woman than her handbag. It’s not just an accessory: it is an essential part of her every outfit, a crucial element that helps her keep it all together.
Forever searching for that seamless combination of fun, function, and fashion, Kathy works with exclusive non-leather materials to bring her always on-trend designs to the everyday woman. With hardware designed by in-house artists and uniquely fashion-forward patterns that cannot be found anywhere else, every bag is the product of Kathy’s boundless creativity and her devotion to exceptional quality at accessible prices. Whether you’re at work or on the town, on the run or on the scene, your Kathy Van Zeeland bag means you’re never going to be just one of the crowd.


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