Joan Walsh Anglund,Artist

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Vintage Joan Walsh Anglund Twin Sheet

I recently listed a vintage sheet with Joan Walsh Anglund images. And I’ve sold a number of the early Hallmark Keepsake ornaments which feature her images. I wondered if I could find a bit more about her. To my surprise, I found that she is known more as a children’s author than as an artist.

Joan Walsh Anglund,writer,illustrator,artist

Joan Walsh Anglund

Born in 1926, she has sold more than 45 million books, is best known for writing on the themes of love, spirituality and friendship. She has written and illustrated more than 95 books. You can find some lists of her most popular books in the links below. Her publishing success began with her first book “A Friend is Someone Who Likes You” in 1958. Her round faced mouthless characters have a sweet quality that has made them popular images featured on figurines, hand-made plaques, notecards, cross stitch patterns and ornaments.

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