Japanese Tea Sets-How to Brew Tea

Japanese Tea Set

Japanese Tea Set

To put your tea set to use, you must know how to brew tea leaves.  To brew sencha, the most popular type of tea in Japan, here are the directions:

  1. Warm the teapot and cups by pouring in boiling hot water. Discard water.
  2. Place the tea leaves in the warm pot.  Use 1 tsp (2 grams) per cup.
  3. Pour hot water into the teapot.  If you are using high grade tea leaves, use 70 degree water.  If you are using average grade tea leaves, use 90 degree water.  The best way is to heat the water to boiling and then let it cool to desired temperature.
  4. Let it stand.  2 minutes for high grade tea leaves. 1 minute for average grade tea leaves.
  5. Pour the tea into the cups.  It is important to pour out all of the tea in the pot to the last drop.  Otherwise you will have poor quality tea if it sits too long.



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