Hen on Nest Collectible Glass Boxes

Indiana Glass Hen on Nest Candy Dish

 I recently listed a hen on nest candy dish and have noticed that these seem to be regaining popularity.  I had a bit of difficulty researching the maker on my offering, so did a wider search for information on this form of collectible glassware.

So I found very little information in my search that wasn’t derivative of articles by Shirley Smith, who wrote a guidebook (link listed below).  Apparently the glass hen on nest design has been produced in varying forms since the 1860s.  Porcelain ones can date back to the 1790s, and of course, are the most expensive.  According to Smith, there were around 50 companies that made the glass hen on nest, with possibly more than that yet to be documented.  Most are made of pressed glass from molds and were made in every color and form of glass one might imagine. There were also different sizes made from small trinket boxes to cookie jar size.

I wondered if I had a “married” bird as my eBay searches had turned up only Indiana Glass hen on nest’s with a beaded rim on the bottom piece.  But further research turned up a series of photos that showed that I have an older version  with a stippled base. 

Hint: Click on links and photos for more information!

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