Greeting Postcard Collecting

Greeting Cards

The greeting card seems to be the second most popular category of postcard collected. (View cards being first). Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and most other holidays and special occasions were well represented and are fairly common. The most desirable cards date from the early 1900s to the early 1920s. Publishers competing for sales, printed cards using intricate embossing techniques, high caliber art work, superior inks, expensive lithographic processes and even novelty additions such as glitter, ribbons, metal, silk and feathers.

Publisher’s marks to look for are John Winsch, Raphael Tuck & Sons and International Art Publishing. Cards drawn by notable artists like Louis Wain, Ellen Clapsaddle, Frances Brundage, Samuel Schmuker along with others are also desirable cards.

Among the most expensive vintage postcards are Halloween examples, which can sell from $20 to several hundred depending on the illustration. However some greetings such as the “Labor Day” cards, are considered scarce. Today most collectors choose a topic within a specific holiday in order to limit their searches. For example some choose Christmas cards depicting Santa in blue robes only.

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