Granny Square Afghans

vintage afghan,granny square,70s,crochet,crocheted,lap robe
Granny Square Lap Robe

Whether you like the monochromatic repeating versions, or the wild riot of color of multicolored squares, the granny square afghan is limited only by the maker’s imagination and stash of scrap yarn.

It is my experience of selling vintage granny square afghans that got me started on this post. You see, every single granny square afghan I’ve ever sold got shipped to a collector in Japan. So I decided to do a web search for collectors of granny square afghans.

I got no satisfaction as to why granny squares fascinate Japanese buyers, but I did get a whole bunch of other questions answered. So I thought I’d list the questions and the best sites I found that answer each question.

vintage afghan,granny square,crochet,crocheted,blanket

Granny Square Blanket

Does anyone collect granny square afghans?

  • RetroRenovation blogs about collectors of granny square afghans
  • Postcardy blogs about her personal collection.
  • Artfire shares an afghan she recently made for an etsy customer

If I want to do it myself, how do I repair my granny square afghan?

  • A discusson on the Better Homes and Gardens website pretty thoroughly covers this topic.

I was surprised to find that many people make granny squares for charity

What can you do with granny squares? Besides making afghans, that is.

  • This article gives 10 items that are made with granny squares.

OK, so are there online tutorials on how to make granny squares? 

Turns out there are lots, but here are 3 of the best.

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