Gift Ideas for the Postcard Collector

Here are some gift ideas for the vintage postcard collector.

  1. Album or acid-free display picture frame into which the collector can place his or her collectibles.
  2. Sleeves. A sleeve is a protective sheet of plastic that covers the postcard and protects it when out of an album. Make sure that it is mylar or other archival material.
  3. Resource books Purchase a gift card from Amazon and let the person do his or her own shopping.
  4. Storage Boxes Locking or unlocking metal carrying cases are especially nice.
  5. Software specific to postcard collecting and dealing.
  6. Lighted magnifying glass
  7. Gift certificate. Discover where the collector likes to shop for postcards. That way you make no mistakes and the gift will be a perfect choice.
  8. Magazines. If he or she doesn’t already receive a collector’s periodical, you might consider giving one of the several published periodicals.
  9. Trip to a postcard fair. Go online and find out where some are happening or better yet, look inside a postcard collector magazine.
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