How to Find A Dinnerware or Kitchenware Pattern Name

corningwarecasserole1I needed to find the name of this corningware pattern before listing it on Sunday. So here’s the process I used.

  1. I uploaded the image to google and did a google image search. Here’s the link to my results. There were two images that matched the pattern. One image identified it as “Vintage Pyrex Yellow Dandelion Duet Yellow” and the other identified it as “Vintage Corning Ware Floral Bouquet Daisy”
  2. On to A search for Floral Bouquet got these images:
  3. A search of pyrex got these images:
  4. So obviously, the two images found in the google image search didn’t have the right names for this pattern. So my final ploy was to use the free Replacements Identification Service. I emailed off the jpg images of the pattern and markings.And it may take a day or two for a response. So the mystery continues. I won’t list it until I know the pattern name, so look for my listing posts to see when I’ve listed it.
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