Filling In Missing Pieces

…of China

eBay Listing of Replacement China Place Setting

eBay Listing of Replacement China Place Setting

A few years ago, when my mother passed, I inherited her set of “good china”. But over the years, pieces had gotten broken,chipped or otherwise damaged. And I wanted to have a complete set. So my journey to finding the pieces I wanted began.

First off, the china was only identified by the company that made it, so I had no idea what the name of the pattern might be. I entered the company name into an eBay search and quickly realized from the hundreds of offerings that came up, that I needed to know the name of the pattern. And browsing through the literally hundreds of listings would be a waste of time.

So I googled “replacement” and “china” and found Voila! They listed their offerings by manufacturer and had picture galleries of the various patterns made by the manufacturer. Now I was getting somewhere. I scrolled through the galleries till I found the picture of my pattern. But, wow! The individual pieces were expensive!

Could I do better? Well, yes, I thought so. So back to eBay with the name of the pattern. I entered it and there were the listings for my pattern! And prices were 1/4 to 1/2 of the prices that Replacements wanted. Of course there are other places to look like China Lane, Dinnerware Matchers, or Ruby Lane. A google search will surface many other sites that specialize in replacing missing pieces of china. And there are many books on collecting chinaon Amazon.

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