End of an Era-Kodachrome Postcards

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Kodachrome Postcard-Wyoming

Collectors know that the term “chrome” refers to any card after 1939 with a shiny paper surface.  The first chromes were made with Kodachrome film by The Union Oil company in 1939 as a series distributed at gas stations.   Kodachrome is an iconic film by Kodak Company beloved for it’s unique “red” tones and it’s stability of images. 

Kodachrome film was developed for the movie industry, and first produced in 1935. For 74 years, the film was the source of classic photographs and iconic magazine images. And the inspiration for a song by Paul Simon. Kodachrome film production was discontinued in 2009 and the last laboratory processing the film discontinued development in 2010.  This should make the postcards with actual Kodachrome logos more collectible, wouldn’t you say?



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