Deckle Edge Postcards

Deckle Edge Chrome Postcard

Deckle Edge Chrome Postcard

I recently described some postcard listings as having a “deckle edge” and thought the term deserves some elaboration.  The term deckle edge comes from the making of handmade paper where the feathery edge of the paper is termed a “deckle”, derived from the term for the edge of the form used in making the sheet.  Deckle edge paper has been popular for books and stationery for many years.

This jagged edge is also deliberately cut as a decorative element, thus the current availablility of deckle edge rulers and scissors for scrapbookers.

Deckle edge postcards are usually chrome photograph cards that have a die cut deckle edge.  This style was very popular from the 1930s through the 1950s, but more recent and older examples can be found.


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