Craft Master Artist Adam Grant

According to the Paint By Number Museum, Adam Grant was one of the most respected figure painters in the Midwest, a self-taught master whose work was sought by museums, galleries, and private collectors, and admired by critics and curators.

Adam Grant was born Adam Grochowski in Warsaw, Poland in 1924. At the age of 18, Adam was imprisoned in Auschwitz. There, not only did painting and drawing put bread in his mouth, but would ultimately be the reason for his survival. After being transferred to Mauthausen, his art allowed him to escape the stone quarry, where thousands of prisoners died each week. The camp was liberated in 1945, and Adam spent 5 years in a displaced persons camp in Germany before he was sponsored to emigrate to the U. S. in June 1950. He lived in Detroit designing floats for parades and working on his own art projects.

In 1951, the sales of paint by number kits were booming, and Craft Master advertised for additional artists. Adam was the first to answer, and Dan Robbins instantly knew that he was the one for the job. He was soon made lead artist at the company. In June, 1992, Adam Grant died at age 67.

The Last Supper by Adam Grant

The Last Supper by Adam Grant

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