Coro Jewelry Company History

Coro Magnolia Brooch

Coro Magnolia Brooch

Coro Jewelry, also known as Cohn and Rosenberger,began in 1901 and was owned by Emanuel Chon and Carl Rosenberger. They produced costume jewelry from 1900 to 1979. They had their own factories in various cities, Providence,R.I. being their first. They did manufacture in Mexico,Canada and Great Britain. The company was named Cohn & Rosenberger until 1943 when “Coro” was adopted. The company remained family owned until 1969, when 51% was sold to Richton Intl Corp the rest in 1970. By 1979 the company was bankrupt and went out of business.

Coro’s head designer was Gene Verri (1933 to the end of the 1963)¬†who was responsible for many of Coro’s famous designs. Other designers included ¬†Charles E. Pauzat (1939-1940’s), Oscar Frank Placco (1934-1945?),Robert Geissman (1938), Sidney Pearl (1941), Carol McDonald (1940),Lester Gaba (1941),Marion Weeber (1940-1941) and Victor di Mezza (1950).

Coro manufactured most of their own jewelry. They did have other companies make some of their jewelry. Hedison manufactured some jewelry for Coro. Catamore manufactured all Coro’s “precious metal” jewelry, until about 1970 when Coro started making their own

A comprehensive list of the various marks used by Coro may be found on the Illusion Jewels website

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