Corn Husk Dolls

Corn Husk Dolls, Made in Czechoslovakia

Corn Husk Dolls, Made in Czechoslovakia

I listed a pair of corn husk dolls last week and it brought back memories of making them as a child. Of course, I had no instructions to follow so just made up a technique. But there are instructions on the internet now and here’s a little history and an instructional video for your viewing pleasure.

A Little History

A corn husk doll is a Native American toy made out of the dried leaves or “husk” of a corn cob. Making corn husk dolls was adopted by early European settlers in the United States of America. Native peoples have been making cornhusk dolls for their children to play with for thousands of years. Shamans used cornhusk dolls for healing purposes. There is also a certain type of cornhusk doll that was made by the Iroquois in response to a dream. This doll was later buried in the ground to ward off evil spirits.The hair on these dolls are made from cornhusk tassel, while the feet and body of the dolls are stuffed with leaves and then tied. The arms and legs on cornhusk dolls are crafted from braided or rolled husks. The dolls stand between four and 10 inches high and occasionally a face is drawn on the doll including red checks made up of red dots. More often than not the doll has no face at all.The cornhusk dolls can be dressed in cornhusk, animal skins or fabric, some cornhusk dolls do not have any clothing at all.

Here’s a link to a Pinterest Board with some lovely images of cornhusk dolls

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