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Lots of people are fascinated by cookie cutters and one finds them on christmas trees, and collectible displays everywhere.  If you’re a collector and haven’t hooked up with the collector club, here’s the information that you need. 

Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters


The Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, or “CCCC” as known among the membership, was founded in 1972 in Washington, D.C. by Phyllis Wetherill. She placed an inquiry in the Women’s Circle magazine asking if anyone else collected cookie cutters.  From the response of 4 members, the group has grown to approximately 650 members internationally.  Phyllis  is survived by two other founding members: Jill Tucker of Canada, and Evelyn King of Florida. Lee Carey of Colorado was also a founding member. The group publishes a newsletter for members and membership is $25.oo annually., a website developed by club member Rosemary Henry, has lots of information on cookie cutters and cookie history. There are sections for “What’s New,” “Antiques,” “History and Information” and a number of other areas as well as a continually growing database of cookie cutters.


The Cookie Cutter Historical Museum is located in Joplin, Missouri and supported by donations from the CCCC club.

Reference Books

An Encyclopedia of Cookie Shaping -Wetherill

Cookie Cutters and Cookie Molds -Wetherill

 Hallmark Cookie CuttersStephenson

Wilton Book of Cookie Cutters -Stephenson

Run,Run Fast as You Can…” -Nelson

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