Collecting Winery Postcards

I’m not sure if anyone specifically collects winery postcards, but I wondered as I posted 3 postcards from the 50s or 60s from the Italian Swiss Colony Winery.

The Italian Swiss Colony winery was established in 1881 in the village of Asti 85 miles north of San Francisco. In the 1950s and 60s the Italian Swiss Colony winery was one of most visited destinations in California.    This winery conducted active advertising campaigns and encouraged visitors to come and view their grounds.  Families made annual trips to the winery to tour and taste and picked up many postcards over the years. The “Little Old Winemaker” was a popular advertising mascot in TV commercials of the 1960s.

That postcards from this winery are found fairly often in family accumulations is a testament to their popularity as a vacation destination. Some of the favorite postcards featured costumed characters.  While no longer the tourist destination it once was, this winery now operates as Cellar #8 and Asti Winery.

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