Collecting Masonic Collectibles

Masonic collectibles have historical value and represent the fundamental principles of honor, integrity, trustworthiness, and dependability that are held by masons from around the world. Masons are a large group of idealistic and selfless men, who are also known as Freemasons.  Masonic collectibles are surrounded by the same type of mystery that surrounds the masons themselves. Part of this is due to the secret rituals that are performed by the masons society that has lasted for hundreds of years.

Masonic collectibles are extremely popular and the collecting market remains strong and consistent.  The most popular masonic collectible is the ceremonial masonic sword, partly due to the historical connection of the masons with the ancient society of the Knights Templar. There are a variety of different types of masonic collectibles available on the market today. Some of these masonic collectibles include art, watches, rings, lapel pins, tie pins, and tie tacs that bear the famous mason square and compass emblem. Other articles that collectors may want are masonic Bibles, clothing, aprons, paperweights, and many more.

Book of Masonic Craft Symbols

Book of Masonic Craft Symbols

The majority of masonic collectibles bear the highly recognizable square and compass emblem of the masons or even one of the other symbols that holds a variety of degrees with the Freemasonry. Many masons themselves are collectors of masonic collectibles due to their inherent interest and the brotherhood that surrounds these items.

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