Collecting Kitchen Utensils

On Sunday, I’m listing a bunch of vintage kitchen utensils so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about collecting these little bits of history.

Who doesn’t feel nostalgic when you see a kitchen utensil that you remember your mother or grandmother using in her kitchen?  I certainly do and I think that this is the basis of the appeal of these wonderful collectibles.  Add in the factor of the emotionality of remembering the products of the kitchen shared with family and friends at the dinner table, and you’ve got a highly popular collectible.

Some collectors buy whatever is unusual or interesting.  But since these items were made to be durable, there are lots of them still around.  So many collectors specialize.  Green and red handled tools appear to be highly sought after, as are cookie cutters, trivets, ice cream scoops, flour sifters, openers, and eggbeaters. Other collectors concentrate on manufacturers like Ekco, Foley, or Gilchrist, or magazine ads, booklets, and/or packaging. And, of course, there are always the collectors of Bakelite.  It seems a premium is paid for any tool whose handle is made of Bakelite.  Get your favorite bakelite testing method ready for these.  Collectors want to know that it is really bakelite.

I’ve incorporated links to recommended collector guide books throughout this post, so click away for more information.

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