Collecting Art Cards

The art card

is viewed by some as the most important category in antique postcards. Art cards were special interest cards and brought a much higher price when they were printed. This rarity, and the skill of the artists of this period, make these cards popular among collectors today. The postcard market, in the first decade of this century, was a very large business.  This booming market drew the very best artists of the period, creating a wealth of quality material unmatched in the art world. Also at this time, some German publishers produced a series of “Old Master” art reproductions, the card’s intensity and depth of color is without parallel as they spared no expense in printing the best.

Art Postcard-Durer
Art Postcard-Durer

As is the case with most postcards, the most highly sought after are those produced in the first decade (1900 to 1910), but the tradition of reproducing fine art has continued on to present day.  Museums of Art often commission postcards of works that they hold in their collections so art lovers can take an affordable memory of their favorites with them. 
Source: The Encyclopedia of Antique Postcards© by Susan Brown Nicholson

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