Coach® Handbags-An American Classic

Recently I listed a Coach® Handbag for sale. And to tell the truth, I had a hard time listing it for sale. I wanted to keep it for myself.  You see since the 1980s, I carried a Coach® handbag back and forth to work each day. I chose the versatile “City Bag” and had it stuffed full of those essentials a working professional needs each day. I loved it because it was stylish without being over the top and very functional. All those zippered pockets and the secure top flap made everything stay in it’s place. I carried the same bag for years because it lasted. The leather became more beautiful the more wear it received.

Vintage Coach Handbag

Vintage Coach Handbag

So I decided to look up the history of this company and found several versions on line. All agree that Coach® is the designer of prestigious handbags, as well as briefcases, luggage, and other fashion accessories. The company made a name for itself by making and selling high quality merchandise in traditional styles. “Classic American style” is what the brand claims to be about. For this reason, Coach® is one of the best-known leather brands in the United States.

A Quick History

  • In 1941, Coach® was founded as a family-run business in Manhattan, making small leather goods.
  • In 1960, Miles Cahn noticed the distinctive properties of the leather used to make baseball gloves. He adopted this type of leather to make bags that would wear longer and take dye better. This sturdy style of cowhide purses quickly became the company’s signature product.
  • In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Coach® began using mail order to sell their bags while opening their first specialty stores.
  • was launched in 1999, giving tech-savvy shoppers a convenient way to purchase their favorite items.

A genuine Coach® bag is an investment piece that will last for many years. Collectors flock to them because of their quality. I found a forum for vintage purse collectors that has a lovely photo gallery of vintage Coach purses.

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