Christian Dior Neckties

I currently have three Christian Dior neckties listed on eBay. My search for background on Christian Dior’s neckties landed me on the ties2pillows website. Neckties are fashioned out of silk, linen, synthetics, cotton or wool. The patterns in the fabric are created in one of two ways—woven or printed. Christian Dior ties are classics. Tasteful designs in elegant color schemes make these ties a reliable staple. No one would even think to question the quality of Christian Dior. Christian Dior is credited for bringing the “New Look” to men’s and women’s fashion in the late 40’s. By the 50’s his vision of men’s attire brought

slim, somber and conservative neckties back into fashion. Christian Dior designer ties, complete with their charming designs and elegant color schemes, are exceptional men’s ties.

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