Why Buy Vintage?

Good Design is everywhere in the 21st Century, so why buy vintage? Here are 4 good reasons:

  1. Vintage is Quality. Vintage items are better made. They use better materials,show better craftsmanship and better construction. Everything was made to last longer. Similar quality today will cost way more than buying vintage.
  2. Vintage is Green. Reuse of materials and resources is one of the basic tenets of living green. The materials that would go into today’s manufacture will be saved. That means more living trees,minerals still in the ground and fuels that don’t need to be burned.
  3. Investment Value. Most vintage goods will retain their value and possibly increase in value. Most goods bought today will lose much of their value tomorrow. Vintage goods are relatively liquid and can be resold easily to trade up to your next collecting fancy.
  4. Vintage is Unique. A vintage piece that speaks to you shows your individuality. Mixing vintage pieces with modern purchases shows your taste and stimulates conversation.
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