Arcade Cards-Exhibit Supply Company

The Mutoscope Company, while the most collected, is not the only company to sell vending machine cards at arcades. The number two company was The Exhibit Supply Company. Their cards were postcard sized (slightly larger than the mutoscope company cards) and were almost always black and white or a one-color toned card. They produced cards from the 1920s-1960s. They are noted for their comic cards as well as movie stars, cowboys, pretty girls, baseball players and other athletes.
exhibit supply company,comic card,arcade card

Exhibit cards are almost always blank-backed with very little identifying text on the front. Often the only text other than the name of the person on the card is “Made or Printed in U.S.A.” Exhibit usually issued sets in multiples of 32, probably because their printing machines were set to work with this number. These cards are a bit more available than are mutoscope cards, and interesting in their own right.

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