May the 4th Be With You

Today is the day that Star Wars fans celebrate their obsession with all things Star Wars!

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Kenner Plush Star Wars Buddies C-3PO

So here are some things you might not know about how Star Wars sells on eBay!

  • Star Wars is the #1 searched for item in eBay collectibles today (May 4th)[eBay Pulse]
  • There are between 8,000 and 34,000 listings for Star Wars items every day. [Terapeak]
  • Average sale price for Star Wars items is between $21 and $31. [Terapeak]
  • The highest price item sold in the last 3 months was (4) Star Wars 35 Cent Price Variant Issues for $15,000.00.[Terapeak]

And here are the General Stats for the past 3 months from Terapeak

Total Sales $13,037,820
Total Listings 1,136,870
Successful Listings 387,217
Total Bids 1,374,808
Items Offered 11,721,485
Items Sold 517,635
Bids per Listing 1.21
Sell-Through 34.06%
Sellers per Day 4,561
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