Are 45s More Collectible Than Albums?


I ran across a discusson of this topic on an online forum today and thought some of the points made were interesting.

  • Top 40 charts made buying 45s a must between the 50s and mid 70s.  That’s because 45s are what the radio stations played.  LPs got the nod as FM stations started playing songs from them more frequently.
  • Many bands never released the “B-sides” of hits on an album. There were numerous “B-sides” that also became huge due to DJs having the courage to play them! That’s how hits became hits back in the day.
  • Some collectors bought both the LP and the 45 of a song because the album would contain a longer version of the song.  However, there are instances of different versions of a song being released on 45s. For example,Chambers Brothers’ “Time Has Come Today” in one 45 version runs about 3-1/2 minutes and on another 45 runs over 4 minutes.
  • One person resports that most of the record meets and fairs that he’s attended he sees the number of people browsing through the 45’s section and the LP’s section as being about equal, although he feels that 45’s may have a slight edge over LPs in collectability — especially those with picture sleeves in very good condition, which as you know can fetch a higher price than the actual 45 itself.
  • The same person reports that in most of the record pricing guides, unless the 45 has some exceptional/outstanding quality or rareness and/or an excellent accompanying picture sleeve, on the average that LPs tend to fetch higher prices than 45s.

Gotta Love Those 45s!

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